Other Team Members

New Team Members

These persons are currently going through our onboarding phase. We’re very happy to welcome them to the team.

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Former Contributors to GT

Although these fine folks are no longer currently involved with GT we honour their past commitment and are extremely grateful for the contributions.

  • María Rodriguez
  • Richard McAleavey
  • Luís Gómez
  • Travis Shearer
  • Inés Arias de Reyna
  • DFC
  • Alicia Aguirre de Carcer
  • Judas F Tadeo
  • Amador Fernádez Savater
  • Miki Decrece
  • Joan Hurtado
  • Alex Fernández
  • Joaquim Quesadas
  • Manuel Troncoso Cabeza
  • Joyce McNeg
  • Andrés Delgado
  • Raimundo Viejo Viñas
  • Àngels C. Ort
  • Chelo Alvarez-Stehle