Bernardo Gutiérrez

retratobajaBernardo Gutiérrez (Madrid, 1975) is a journalist, photographer, writer and media consultant. He studied Information Sciences at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) and the University of Coimbra (Portugal). As a contributor, editor, reporter, photographer or editor, he’s worked for publications such as National Geographic, GEO, El País, Interviú, El Mundo, 20 Minutes, La Vanguardia, Public, That Leer, Tiempo, La Repubblica (Rome), Expresso (Lisbon ), Esquire, Playboy, Vogue, Esquire, Der Tagesspiegel (Berlin), Clarin (Buenos Aires) or Milenio (Mexico City), among others.

He has participated in more than ten journalistic consulting projects in different Latin American countries and in Spain. In 2010 he published the book “Bernardo Calle Amazonas” (Altaïr, Barcelona) on the Brazilian Amazon. He is also author of the Open-Source novel “#24H” (dpr-barcelona).

He researches, writes and lectures frequently about hacker culture, cities open source, transmedia city, networks, free culture, digital activism and the P2P world.