Stacco Troncoso


Stacco Troncoso (Madrid, 1975), is a co-founder of the P2P translation collective “Guerrilla Translation“, as well as a core team member for the P2P Foundation and the project lead for Commons Transition – an organization dedicated to spreading and strengthening the Commons worldwide.

A professional translator since 1998, Stacco grew up in London, England, and returned to Madrid, Spain to study Fine Arts in 1992. For Guerrilla Translation, Stacco has translated texts by Naomi Klein, David Graeber, Charles Eisenstein, Douglas Rushkoff, among others. Stacco has also translated films directed by Ken Loach, Stephen Frears, Kim Ki-duk, Ian Mackenzie and Bong Joon-ho.

He is also a writer and auto-didact musician. In addition to completing two books of poetry, several of his poems are included in the Occupy Wall Street Poetry AnthologyHis music, featuring guitar, effect pedals and electronic processing, has been featured in several podcasts and radio programs.

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