In search of unicorn-like native English-speaking translator and editor!

Hi! We’re Guerrilla Translation, a non-hierarchical translation collective run according to principles of feminist economics, mutual care and political solidarity. We’ve come a long way in the past few years and we’re looking to expand our target English translation and editing team. Our collective is based in Spain, but we work online and have a couple members in Berlin. We’re currently looking for a native English-speaking translation superstar who can translate from Spanish and German (and French?!) and who is interested in becoming actively involved in learning, developing and participating in our unique way of working together

In short, we are an activist translation collective, but we definitely do not function like a typical translation agency. We’re developing a unique governance model whereby we redistribute the collective’s income from paid livelihood work in order to give value and recognition to care work that doesn’t directly generate income but is necessary for the health of the collective, i.e. accounting, admin work, social media promotion and most importantly just supporting and taking care of each other. We also commit to voluntarily translating articles of our own choosing (anything that inspires you or that you want to share) and publishing these love work translations on our website. We combine these three types of work to achieve a sustainable work life doing what we love. 

Interested? You can find out more here.

Basic requirements:

  • native English with excellent writing skills, experience translating and/or editing
  • high level of comprehension in German and Spanish (and ideally French as well) 
  • eagerness to learn and be involved in a small, fun and supportive community
  • interest in feminist economic models, care work, the commons
  • dedication to social justice, anti-racism work, feminist values and alternatives to capitalism

Unicorn-level assets:

  • knowledge of accounting and/or enthusiasm for math!
  • tech or web page design experience
  • earth signs
  • a nice tarot deck
  • other fun languages
  • social media skills

Is this you? Get in touch! [email protected] 

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