OuishareFest was a blast, we really did have a great time. My overall impression is that both polarities present –  i.e., venture capital-funded, “P2P in the front / shareholders in the back” platforms, and real commons-oriented P2P initiatives – have grown stronger, yet aren’t confrontational. It was good to be able to criticize the former in a constructive way and be listened to respectfully, quite glad about that!

And, the big news from our point of view – WE DONE DID IT!


Perma-grin flashing Guerrilla Translation founder Stacco Troncoso hanging out with (from l to r) Enric Senabre, from Goteo, Gloria Davies-Coates from Common Libraries, David de Ugarte from las Indias, Helene Finidori from the Commons Abundance Network, Josef Davies-Coates, from United Diversity and Neal Gorenflo, from Shareable, Etienne Hayem from Symba and with de Ugarte and Gorenflo redux.

Out of some 130 or so nominees, Guerrilla Translation won, along with our friends in Common Libraries, Symba and two other very interesting projects.

Speaking of “we” – that includes you. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for us, promoted us and supported us.

Special mention to the Open Value Network, who were also nominated. As we’re part of the OVN, we feel that they’ve also been awarded through us.

The picture up top there, of me on stage, is by Sharon Ede, and it may be the part of the speech where I raised the subject of “…Competition in the Age of Communities = Not so good”, mentioning that we use Loomio, participate in the OVN, work very closely with Goteo…the list goes on.

I also felt there was a big difference between our project and other initiatives with a lot of venture capital behind them. I think that one of the conditions was that you couldn’t have been funded by more than 1 million € to enter the awards. Hah! Our funding so far has been bananas (thanks!), sweat equity and lots of passion. These are, of course, personal observations and, overall, I’m overjoyed.

It was a great 3 days and the conversations (and hugs) have been unforgettable. Special thanks to Dalma Berkovics for organising everything and taking care such good care of us.

2014-05-04 18.41.50

The Three MusquePeers: Tiberius Brastaviceanu from Sensorica and the Open Value Network, Eimhin David Shortt from the P2P Foundation and Get Local and Stacco Troncoso, from the P2P Foundation and Guerrilla Translation

Thanks also to the entire P2P Foundation extreme-Funk-dancing posse (here’s a small taster of that!), and, above all, the love of my life AM for being the grooviest co-conspirator (and kickass video editor, the video pitch was her work).

<3 OuiShare!
Now, about that Spiderman incident…


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