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Guerrilla Translation is proud to be among the nominees for the 2014 Ouishare Awards. If you’re not already familiar, Ouishare is an organization that, in their own words, “is a think and do-tank with the mission to empower citizens, public institutions and companies to create a collaborative economy: an economy based on sharing, collaboration and openness, relying on horizontal networks and communities.”

A large part of why we were motivated to throw our hat into the ring is the feedback we’ve received from you – our readers, contributors, authors, translators and colleagues. Over time, some of you have played more than one of those roles in relation to us; some have played all of them. And that’s what excites us so much. We really do feel that we’ve gained a sense of community with this project, one that we only hope to develop further, with your help.

We had only a few days to put together a short (1 minute) video describing our project for the awards judging – and for attracting votes from readers like you. Those of you who’ve been here to read our posts before are likely familiar enough with our project, but we’d still ask you to do us a favor if you would like to help us have a chance at a final prize at Ouishare. First, please freely re-post our video pitch, and second, please go to the Ouishare voting area and support us there.  NOTE – we’re excited to tell you that all you need to do is enter your email address and a “capcha” code – there’s no weird registration process (so it’s easy and non-creepy).  And, if you’re among the community of people who plan to be at Ouishare Fest in Paris, you’ll see us there.

GT Ouishare Awards 2014Again: please vote for us on the Ouishare Awards 2014 site. Voting is open from April 21st until May 4th. Your support gives us a chance at a prize which offers us a week of mentoring and workshops, again in Paris, which we imagine would be a great boost of inspiration and connection for us.

One more thing. We encourage you to vote for others as well if you want. There are five categories, and five ultimate winners from among the combination of all of those (see the Nominees page). This competition is among friends and associates from our own communities, including Goteo, Loomio, Huertos Compartidos, The Open Value Network, and unMonastery. We feel that if we all stand to benefit from the opportunity to share what we’re doing, and learn from each other, we all win.

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Produced by Guerrilla Translation
under a Peer Production License.

  • Video editing by Ann Marie Utratel
  • Music: “Sparkly Eyes” by …mmm
  • GT Logo by Surfero Satánico

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